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Professional Development Committee 


The professional development component of DCPA is designed to meet the educational and professional needs of the membership. In addition to providing continuing education for licensure, a crucial objective of professional development is to provide training programs and continuing Education that addresses the emerging needs and challenges of the mental health profession and the community.
To accomplish this the following goals and objectives will be employed:
1. Provision of CEU programs designed to meet APA accreditation standards necessary for licensure.
2. Provision of training focusing upon issues that effect clinical practice and the well being of the community. Attention will be directed toward programs that meet the emerging needs and challenges that clinicians face. These programs will be designed to promote ethical standards, social justice, diversity, cultural competence and emergency responses to crisis.
3. Provision of clinical training and skill acquisition designed to meet the needs of Students, ECP, and more seasoned professionals and enhance their treatment capability and clinical efficacy.


Stephen Stein, Ph.D 

Suzan Stafford, Ed.D 

Chris Wemple, Ph.D

Laurie Paul, Ph.D

Jaqueline Castaneda, MA

Angela Richardson, Executive Director

Samira Paul, PsyD 

Matthew Schottland, PsyD

Our Mission

The D.C. Psychological Association (DCPA) works to advance psychology as a source for the promotion of public welfare and human dignity.

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