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Statement on Buffalo, NY  Mass Shooting

“We are angered and saddened by the mass shooting that claimed the lives and legacy of ten Black people, many of them pillars of their predominantly African-American community, in Buffalo, NY. We offer our condolences to those families and stand with them in their loss and remembrance of their loved ones.  As a committee, we strongly condemn this act of racism, hatred, and domestic terrorism.

As a mental health service organization, we want to remind our members, supporters, and our trainees that racism and acts rooted in white supremacy are not symptoms of mental illness. The Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion Committee will continue to support and educate our field and our communities in efforts to drive out hate, faulty beliefs of racial inferiority, and promote discussions about the harms of white supremacy.

If you would like to assist the residents of Buffalo with obtaining groceries or mental health support, you can find several different local organizations here:

The self-paced Psychology of Radical Healing Syllabus includes helpful readings and resources to support clinical discussions around race-based stress and trauma:"

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