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As we witnessed the forceful invasion of our capital, the rage fueled by a divisive political rhetoric, the accumulative effects of racism, discrimination, and xenophobia, we were disheartened. Our core values and democracy were threatened to the core. This compounded with the pandemics have produced a situational reality of traumatized zeitgeist.

As mental health providers, we believe that we have a responsibility to stand for our community, to provide stability, guidance, support, hope and direction in this time of uncertainty and crisis. A unified approach that employs the collective wisdom, healing and clinical expertise needed to address this current socio-political trauma.

At the District of Columbia Psychological Association, we believe that when we don’t fight for our core values and seek to build bridges, we will inevitably enable those who seek to divide, expel, and discriminate. As accountable mental health professionals we have a responsibility to work together for a better tomorrow, for our children, families, community, society, and our democracy. We invite you to join us in becoming agents for social change and unity.

In our unity, there is strength and hope. In our collective energy and actions, we can address the challenges we are confronted with. As we promote healing, compassion, and resilience for our clients and community, we also should do this for ourselves as we are all experiencing this together. As an association for mental health providers, we want to remind everyone to take time to also care and tend to ourselves so that we can continue care for others and stay strong during these challenging times. We are here for you, and hope you find community and refuge with us.

If you'd like to provide support for those affected by these experiences or if you'd like support for yourself, please reach out to us on or to Dr. Stephen Stein on

Victoria Sylos-Labini, Psy.D. President

Samira Paul, Psy.D.  President - Elect

Stephen Stein, PhD Professional Development

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The D.C. Psychological Association (DCPA) works to advance psychology as a source for the promotion of public welfare and human dignity.

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