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Dear DCPA Community,

Since 1850’s, Asians have experienced racism in America. This includes, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Rock Spring massacre, Japanese internment camps, ongoing colonization of Pacific Islanders, and most recently Trump’s administration normalization of xenophobia, and racial rhetorics “China virus” and “Kung flu.”

On March 16th, 2021, an anti-Asian shooting in Atlanta, Georgia led to the murder of eight women; six of whom were Asian Americans. Xiaojie, a daughter, a mother, and a business owner was brutally murdered a day before her 50th birthday. Hyun Jung Grant was a 33-year-old single mother who immigrated from Korea with her two sons. Dao you Feng was 44-years old, just recently employed at the spa. Yong Ae Yue, a 63-year-old mother. Delaina Yaun was 33-year-old mother of a teenage son, and an infant daughter. Paul Andre Michels was a 54-year-old veteran who owned a business installing security systems. Soon Chung Park was 74-year old and Suncha Kim was 69-years-old, mother and grandmother.

It is incumbent upon us to recognize the lives shattered by this tragedy fueled by misogynistic and anti-Asian racism. It is equally important to acknowledge the millions of Americans who are experiencing traumatic stress and fear from hearing the account of this terrorist act, as well as the rising incidences of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans since the beginning of the pandemic.

We, at the District of Columbia’s Psychological Association (DCPA) are writing to stand in solidarity with the Asian community. To our esteemed fellow Asian psychologists, students and community members, we feel your pain and we stand by you. It is our strong belief that anti-Asian racism, misogyny, violence, hatred and prejudice have no place in our community. We call our colleagues to action with us against these outrageous acts that are designed to instill pain and suffering in our communities.

This is an urgent call to use our profession, training, and psychological knowledge to dismantle racism, misogyny and hatred in all its forms while supporting our Asian community. It is our hope that you stand in solidarity with us, continue these conversations, and start identifying ways to break down systems of racism within your immediate reach.

For more resources on the history of anti-Asian racism in the U.S. please visit the Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion Committee online library. If you or someone you know has experienced racism against Asian Americans, please report here:

For more information on the documented hate crimes collected by Stop AAPI hate, please refer to their most recent report. Please know that you can reach out to us for support as well.


Victoria Sylos-Labini, PsyD, President, DCPA

Samira Paul, PsyD, President - Elect, Chair, DSJI Committee, DCPA

Stephen Stein, PhD, Director of Professional Development, DCPA

Yewon Kim, BA, DSJI Student Chair, DCPA

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