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The purpose of the District of Columbia Psychological Association shall be to advance psychology as a profession and science, as source for the promotion of public welfare and human dignity; through professional practices that employ assessment, consultative and therapeutic methods which are theoretically and empirically grounded; through the promotion of research in psychology and employment of up to date research methods and conditions; by advocating high standards of professional conduct, ethics, education and training; by the dissemination of psychological knowledge through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions and publications. 

DCPA Past Presidents 

1947  Thelma Hunt

1948  Isabelle Kendig

1949  Charles N. Cofer

1950 Harry J. Older

1951  Joseph M. Bobbit

1952  Dael Wolfle

1953  T. G. Andrews

1954  Denzel D. Smith

1955  John W. Stafford

1956  Leonard Carmichael

1957  Howard E. Page

1958  Joan H. Criswell

1959  Max Meenes

1960  Max Houtchens

1961  Luigi Petrullo

1962  Charles W. Bray

1963  Robert S. Waldrop

1964  Maurice Lorr

1965  Bertha H. Cory

1966  Joseph B. Margolin 

1967  Malcolm L. Meltzer

1968  A. G. Bayroff

1969  Bernard I. Levy

1970  Jonathan W. Cummings

1971  William A. McClelland

1972  Allen Raskin

1973  Helen E. Peixotto

1974  John J. O’Hare

1975  Margaret Ives

1976  Lee Gurel

1977  Richard P. Youniss

1978  John F. Borriello

1979  Eugene C. Stammeyer

1980  Alfred M. Wellner

1981  Barbara U. Hammer

1982  Sherman Ross

1983  Mary Faith Tanney

1984  Leonard W. Allen

1985  Richard H. Mikesell

1986  John F. Borriello

1987  Marilyn Sue Bogner

1988  Frank Uhlmann

1989  Fred Strassburger

1990  Donna M. Cooper

1991  Jane A. Taylor

1992  Ronald D. Wynne

1993  Lynne M. Hornyak

1994  Alan M. Orenstein

1995  Mildred W. Goldstone

1996  Larney R. Gump

1997  EBowelsileen F. Buese

1998  Michael T. McDermott

1999  Mary L. Froning

2000  R. Mark Binderman

2001  Robert K. Madsen

2002  Stephen Lally

2003  Michael Haley

2004  Barbara T. Roberts

2005  Robert Barret

2006  Rona Fields

2007  Undesignated term

2008 James E. Savage Jr.

2009  Walter Hillabrant

2010  Walter Hillabrant

2011  Stephen Bowles

2012  Anthony A. Jimenez

2013  Anthony A. Jimenez

2014  Stephen Stein

2015  Stephen Stein

2016  Stephen Stein 

2017 Mallory Starr 

2018 Mallory Starr

2019 Suzan Stafford

2020 Suzan Stafford

2021 Victoria Sylos - Labini

2022 Samira Paul

Our Mission

The D.C. Psychological Association (DCPA) works to advance psychology as a source for the promotion of public welfare and human dignity.

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